Anonymous asked:

What other types of games do you play and what platform? I think you would like The Witcher seires!

Hmmn DARK SOULSSSSSS (my current obsession), Dragon age, Mass effect series, fallout, skyrim, Bayonetta, WET, Tomb raider series, FF series…geez i could go on but i better stop. 

But these days i really enjoy games that let you create characters…cause i just spending hours making one, who doesnt haha. I dont play shooter games though cause i suck bad at them, only time ill play something like Halo is with the cuzz so they can save me and its more fun too running each other over. (mostly me though) Aaaaand as for platform…just Xbox360 i will be getting a PS4 though cause Blood borneeeeeeee *n*

As for the witcher….Yeeeeaaa sorry to say but i’m not into that game at all for reasons. As i discussed with people one thing that massively puts me off is all the woman he can screw, just my personal opinion. I can see the game is aimed towards the male gamer which is all goods no bother to me, dont get me wrong the game looks good but that whole you can fuck lots of women just gets to me. Most interest i will have is in the Artbook tbh